WasteFree’23 University

Waste Free '23 University

Welcome to the Waste-Free University project! Here, you can learn about waste management, participate in sustainability activities, connect with like-minded individuals, and explore green job opportunities. By joining us, you’ll contribute to a sustainable future, gain valuable skills, and take steps towards a waste-free world. Start your journey today!

Module 1

Introduction to Waste-Free Living

The Environmental Impact of Waste

Responsible Consumption and Minimalism

Overview How to Be Waste-Free in'23

Waste Free 23 - Why it is different

Circular economy

your community problems & your resources to solve them

Module 2

Waste content of household trash - what to do with it

history and how plastics are made, why good, why bad

how to use again - upcycle, recycle, reuse

plastics processing overview

solid paver from melted plastic

How to make bricks from Plastic trash

7 different types of plastics

safety and precautions while melting plastics

Melting plastic

Module 3

Plastics Building a Heat Press - Procedure and Instructions

How to Make Permeable Pavers from Plastic Trash

How To Create Panels From Plastic Trash With A Heat Press

WF23 How to build a house from trash plastic

How to Make Poles/fence posts from Recycled Plastic

Diaper Recycling

WF23 How to Make a 130 liter trash bin from plastic trash

Start MRC in your community

WF23 Hardware Needed to Start a Micro Recycling Center (MRC)

WF23 Typical Finances of a Micro Rcycling Center

Organic processing

Raising bsfl

Frass and what to do with it

Intro to Vermi-composting

The Best Way to Compost

How to use and sell bsfl

Biogas and Biodigester


Ground glass in concrete

How to reuse glass

Reasons why glass is a sustainable material


Creative DIY Projects with Recycled Paper

4 Ways to Recycle Papers

handmade paper

paper recycling plant

Paper convention activity


metal and sustainability

Easy metal recycling

Medical – industrial – waste

Bioremediation setting on industrial waste management

Dispose of Your Industrial Waste

Sustainable Management of Healthcare Waste

Disposal methods of medical waste

Business aspects management MRC

Landfill Conversion to Recycling Center

 20 to 23 Oct, 2023 Waste Free ’23 Training in Freetown, Sierra Leone – Student Presentations (SP)

SP 10-23 Waste Free Summary

SP 10-23 Waste Disposal Options Reviews

SP 10-23 Waste Free Solution Introduction

SP 10-23 Training BSFL Introduction

SP 10-23 How is WF23 Different

SP 10-23 Waste Free Introduction

SP 10-23 Plastic Recycling Introduction

SP 10-23 How to Raise BSFL

End Module – The Big Picture

Community Engagement and Sustainability Advocacy

Plastics for Pencils (P4P)